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Silkytex Naturo is a ready mixed plaster meant for exterior walls. It gives a relatively smooth granular texture/finish to the building surface. This is made up of natural coloured minerals, marble chips,quartz in an acrylic binding medium. It also contains anti- foaming. anti-fungal agents for long years of protection over the applied surface. Excellent surface adhesion and water resistance protecting the building surfaces from sunlight and rain.

It is applied in 2 coats with spatula and requires a platform scaffolding to enable the applicator apply it evenly on the wall. As it is applied in a paste form, it can cover up slight undulations as well.To get the mix of required consistency, ½ to 1 litre of clean water can be added to a bag of 25 kg.

Colours available
• Naturo-Cloud grey • Naturo-Burgundy • Naturo-Olive green • Naturo-Steel Grey • Naturo-Mustard Yellow • Naturo-lvory • Naturo-Pebble • Naturo-Green Shadow

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  • Ready mix paste for direct application
  • Water resistant
  • Easy application
  • Long durability
  • Inherent flexibility
  • Less prone to cracking
  • Economical
  • To be applied on sponge finish surfaces
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To be applied on sponge finish plaster surfaces
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25 kg HDPE bags
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Sl. No. Attributes Standard NCL BUILDTEK CONFIRMS
1 Color mfg specifications As per standard
2 pH mfg specifications 7.5 to 8.5
3 Toxicity mfg specifications Non toxic
4 Wt/Litre mfg specifications 1.75 to 1.80gm/cc
5 No of coats mfg specifications Two coats
6 Touch dry at 30°c mfg specifications 60 minutes
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Ensure that the wall's surface is free from dust, oil, grease, paints, loose foreign particles / materials,wetness or dampness and curing agents which may otherwise affect adhesion. Fill the cavities in the wall surface.
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Transfer the complete bag material into a clean tub / bucket, To get the mix of required consistency,½ to 1 litre of clean water can be added to a bag of 25 kg and mixed thoroughly. The above material should be free from lumps. Apply the material on dry wall with a quality trowel. Need skilled applicator/worker.

Leave the surface to dry for 72 hours.

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4 sft / kg in two coats
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6 months in unopened container
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Store in moisture-free dry place
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  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Keep in dry place
  • Avoid inhalation of dust
  • If the eye accidentally comes in contact with the material or you feel irritation of the skin due to contact, use plenty of plain water to wash the affected area. Consult a doctor if necessary.
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Note: Data provided on this sheet is based on our product knowledge and experience. However applications are beyond our control and the company in no way can stand guarantee. Customers must carry out their tests at site to evaluate product suitability for their applications. For any further assistance the customers are welcome to contact us on above mentioned address.

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